The most valuable part? Having Paula talk me through my concerns and fears and her introducing very simple tools to help me change my thinking into “I can't do this” to “maybe this is possible” to “this is very possible.”


Results and reflections from Santana Health Coaching clients

Happier and symptoms improved.

“When I first started working with Paula I was struggling with PCOS symptoms, weight management and healthy eating habits. While working with her we made small tasks that helped me achieve my long term goals. My PCOS symptoms got better, I lost some weight, and am eating better.   My overall mood and appearance improved while working with her. I feel happier. When I was struggling Paula was always there with helpful support and advice. I really enjoyed working with her positive attitude and how manageable the program was. 10 out of 10! “

-Juliet, past Healthy Habits Springboard program client

From discouragement to determination.

“If you are stressed out, tired of being tired, feel you are not making progress in becoming a healthier you, and would benefit from having a partner to guide you, please contact Paula. She has been the missing link that I've been needing to help me realize my health potential. It's not just about diet and exercise, although those are key elements in a total health journey, Paula helps you to connect to your emotional and mental health blocks and remove those hurdles. After spending six weeks with Paula, my sleep has improved, my diet is easily becoming healthier, my mind and body are becoming stronger, and most importantly, my overall mindset has changed from one of discouragement to one of hope and determination.”

-Jenny, past Mini Healthy Habits Springboard program client

Made health something to enjoy.

“Paula’s easy-to-talk-to attitude and ability to transition from casual conversation to the important issues to tackle makes prioritizing my health less of a chore and something more to enjoy. (I say that as a busy business owner and mother of a five year old who is also going through a home remodel.) Through our conversations we dove deep into my most pressing challenges and I learned how simple changes can have a BIG impact on my overall health. For example, breaking down larger tasks like meal planning into smaller more manageable actions like snack preparation (definitely where I can use more help) can decrease the stress and lessen the already full mental to-do list.”

-Lauren, past Healthy Habits Springboard program client

Renewed focus on wellbeing.

“Thank you! I really enjoyed the program and your support and lack of judgement. I benefitted in ways I hadn't even anticipated, and I feel energized to continue with my renewed focus on my overall wellbeing! I recommend this program to others, particularly in that it is a holistic approach and factors in nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management skills. I did not know that the other areas were ones that I was lacking in, and felt initially exercise and stress were my 2 areas to improve. I have benefited tremendously from the Healthy Habits Springboard program and made significant improvements in all 4 areas!”

-Max, past HHS program client, current Momentum client

Calm as a result of health coaching.

“Overall, I have achieved improved wellness, from more quality sleep to better eating habits and increased exercise. As a result of coaching, I am preparing a nutritious breakfast and lunch on a consistent basis for work 5 days a week, something I have never done during my 25-year career. In addition, I am working out at a higher intensity and have introduced some targeted strength training to combat age. Lastly, I have significantly reduced alcohol consumption and have made changes to my sleep routines to create a more restorative sleep experience. I no longer believe I have to be stressed everyday and move so quickly through everything I do. Rather, I now believe I can accomplish more when I practice some daily routines that create more balance and calmness in my life. My life is different and I am more calm as a result of my learnings made during health coaching.”

-Katy, Past HHS program client, current Momentum client

… Your transformation awaits!

Now it’s your turn. If you’re ready to change, I’m ready to support you. First session is free, schedule here and let’s get started.

-Paula, your behavior change coach and partner in health :-)

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