“I no longer believe I have to be stressed every day and move through life so quickly.”

Ready for change?

“I now believe I have the freedom to make myself a priority if I really actively work at it.”

Past Healthy Habits Springboard program client

Where you are currently

Ever feel stuck? Like you worked all day, productively focusing energy on your job and family, but forgot to invest in yourself? I work with busy, high-performing individuals that have a lot on your plate - be it leading a company, running a household, or chasing that next degree. Busy men and women who make it happen in many areas of your lives, but can't find the time or motivation to apply that same attention to your #1 asset: your health!

Perhaps you are a prior college athlete who has fallen a bit out of shape. Or a stressed parent who knows how to eat right and exercise, but it just is NOT happening. Or a company founder whose sleep and fitness get crowded out by the onslaught of back to back meetings. Or an adult living with disease or disability struggling to manage your condition and follow doctor's orders.

...Yep you guessed it, whatever the back story, you're stuck.

Where you want to be

(Spoiler alert… It’s possible!)

The profound beauty of health and wellness? Each and every one of us has the ability to effect change. Regardless of your jumping off point, you can lead a healthier, happier life. Yes, really. Through health coaching you tap into your inner strengths and identify the future self YOU want to be. Whether your goal is to shed weight, feel more comfortable in your clothes, transform your relationship with food, or train for that marathon, the strength to do so is within you. Sometimes you just need a bit of support to draw it out :)

Let's look into the future: You are energetic, feel good in your body, and confident in your abilities. Health is a priority in your life. You may also benefit from the multitude of advantages a healthy lifestyle yields, including decreased stress, increased energy, improved focus, deeper relationships, and belief in yourself. Oh wait, you probably look and feel better too. Not bad!

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Still curious what coaching entails?

Health coaching is all about behavior change. You’ll identify health goals, uncover what's working & what's not, & craft a plan to propel forward. The resulting transformation is a healthier, happier YOU! Visit our Coaching 101 page to learn more about how coaching works, anatomy of a coaching session, and common coaching relationship durations.