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This powerful guide will help you:

  • Raise your awareness when selecting foods
  • Interpret serving sizes on labels
  • Easily measure and select portion size
  • Make healthier, more balanced choices

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Eating healthy but still gaining weight?

Well-done on selecting nutritious foods! The culprit for your weight gain might not be what you are eating, but how much. Many of us are overeating without awareness. Did you know we eat about 300 more calories each day than we did in 1985?

This increased consumption can add up when not offset by physical movement. With one pound of fat consisting of 3500 calories calories, an extra 300 cal/day implies a weight gain of  2-3lb/month and over 30lb per year!

This Easy Peasy Portion Guide is a first step in bringing awareness and mindful eating to your meals. It will help you take the mystery out of how much to eat and to recognize what a "regular" portion size looks like.

With this guide, you'll learn simple strategies to help you select and enjoy healthy food portions - without having to constantly count calories or weigh your food.
Ready to shift towards those healthier habits? Download and enjoy the guide today.