~ Nix the Sugar ~
Free 7 Day Mini-Program

By Santana Health Coaching

What's one of the best ways to experience better sleep, energy, and results from your workouts?
🍬 ANSWER: cut out ADDED SUGAR! 🍬 

Here's why sugar is such a progress killer:

⛔ It negatively affects your hormones, your energy, your mood, and even your waistline! 
⛔ A diet high in added sugar triggers cravings for additional sugary and processed foods, and can also leave you feeling tired, blah, and "off".
⛔ Excess added sugar wrecks havoc on our health and significantly increases the risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.
⛔ It has a way of sneaking its way into all sorts of foods, and is pretty much everywhere in our food supply.
Sugar's detrimental impacts on your health are the drivers behind creating this Nix the Sugar mini program. It's a complimentary 7-Day program that will help you eliminate added sugars from your diet and initiate healthier nutrition behaviors. Adopting and maintaining these healthier habits are key to managing and preventing chronic disease and feeling better!
Soon after registering you'll receive a Welcome email with an overview of your 7 Day Plan. Then once per day for 7 days you'll receive daily coaching from me with education, strategies and resources. You'll experiment with giving up added sugar, test out strategies to support your success, and consider how to maintain your new & improved habits. A complete program e-Guide is also provided, free of charge, as well as a complimentary gift to you: a low-sugar meal plan. 
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