Healthy Habits Springboard

Santana Health Coaching’s Signature Program

  • Who's it for: Busy men and women stuck in a health rut

  • Program outcomes: Increased fitness, improved diet & sleep, decreased stress

  • What we'll focus on: Health visioning, exercise, diet, sleep, stress management

What’s included

  • Health and wellness assessment

  • Personalized health & wellness plan

  • 8 live, weekly, individual 1:1 coaching sessions (50min duration) conducted via Zoom or in-person

  • Weekly goal tracking and accountability exercises

  • Access to YourCoach coaching phone/desktop app

  • Unlimited coach access via app, text, and/or email

  • Extensive program resource guide including education, handouts, activities

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Maintain your momentum

Coaching continuation packages for clients completing the Healthy Habits Springboard signature program

3 Momentum programs to choose from, each including 8 individual 1:1 coaching sessions

Recommended frequency for continuing clients is every other week, however we can do weekly or monthly if you prefer!

Program contents similar to signature program, with a unique resource guide tailored to your focus

Eating Success Skills

  • For: Busy adults lacking time, skill or motivation to make good food choices

  • Outcomes: Weight loss, new relationship with food, cooking more often

  • Focus: Healthy cooking, mindful eating, menu planning, meal prep, grocery tour, pantry overhaul, journaling

Movement & Mindset

  • For: Moderately active adult wanting to increase fitness levels

  • Outcomes: Weight loss, muscle tone & endurance, increased body confidence

  • Focus: Training workouts (cardio, strength, balance, flexibility), mindset, progressions, motivation

Thrive Beyond Diagnosis

  • For: Caregivers, special needs parents, and teens / adults themselves living with disease or disability

  • Outcomes: Increased control of own health and wellness, improved ability to navigate health maze

  • Focus: stress management, health advocacy, provider engagement, well-being

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