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Past Issue Highlights: July 2022

Everything in Moderation

Moderation in the personal health and wellness realm is about balance, consistency and flexibility applied across a set of core pillars of health. Focusing on what matters day-in, day-out (consistency), identifying and implementing strategies when life throws us curveballs (flexibility), and doing what nourishes our bodies and souls (balance). This month’s newsletter provides ideas for a moderate, balanced approach to health improvement. How to address stress without overeating, stop procrastinating and (finally!) get to sleep, and how to figure out just how much is “enough” exercise. Also included is our (free!) Portion Guide with awesome tools and ideas to help you determine portion sizes while enjoying healthy meals.

Past Issue Highlights: May/Jun 2022

Summer’s Here - Catch Some Zzz’s

This month’s theme was sleep - its impact on health, gentle approaches to improve sleep quality, & how to get more of it! Summer days are longer & you may find yourself taking advantage of that later sunset by going to bed later. Or (and!) starting your day early to enjoy the light-filled mornings. All wonderful - but sleep shortening - habits. Read on for advice to boost the quality of sleep you do get, be it falling asleep easier or awaking rested and ready to slay the day. I’m also including our (free!) Quick Guide to Better Sleep. It’s like cliff notes for reinvigorating your sleep. Rest well!

Past issue highlights: Apr 2022

Get Moving!

This month’s theme was physical activity, and broadening our view of what it means to lead an active life. Beyond the HIIT workouts and barbells (which you may love, if so go get ‘em!), being active can incorporate a vast array of movement based activities and exercise. Read on for my favorite experts’ takes on exercise - including a unique 21-day plan to reframe your movement mindset, a mood-boosting workout, and a free guide to my favorite pilates and resistance band routines. There’s also a simple veggie frittata recipe and hydration article to complement those workouts with nutritious food and drink.

Past issue highlights: Mar 2022

Let’s Eat!

This month’s theme was culinary medicine - cooking and eating for health. In March I attended a truly remarkable conference called Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives and I’m jazzed to share insights with you. Read on for eating advice from renowned nutrition and public health experts, a plant-forward recipe that’s bursting with flavor, and a free checklist to begin implementing these nutritious eating ideas today! All are designed to raise awareness of the foods we choose to purchase, cook and consume and how they may improve and sustain our health.

Past issue highlights: Feb 2022

Find Your Focus

This month’s theme was about paying close attention. Ever feel spread too thin? Distracted? By sharpening our focus we can direct our attention to what matters. This in turn enables a sunnier outlook, better health choices, and even increased performance. Read on for a selection of my favorite recent content, a tasty recipe, and a free coaching resource. All are designed to heighten your focus.

Past issue highlights: Jan 2022

Start the New Year Off Healthy

We kicked off 2022 with a focus on achievable, kind to yourself, and purpose-driven approaches to health.

Included is a roundup of my favorite recent related articles: The exercise “snack” approach, how one might eat yourself healthy”, and why bedtime stories aren’t just for kids.  You can also enjoy a free coaching resource for long-term goal setting as well as a nutritious, comforting recipe for braised herbed potatoes. Enjoy!

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